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                                                               Back-to-Basics Friday

Dear Soper Parents,

I hope everyone is having a fantastic start to the school year.

As you know, we have instituted a 'back to basics' initiative this year. Teachers in every grade level are creating packets with work designed to make sure our students leave here with the foundational components that everyone needs to function in today's life. Better reading comprehension and real-world mathematics will be the focus. Many people may not use advanced algebra when they leave here, but everyone could benefit from being able to calculate percentages and read at a higher level.

The packets are provided to the students on Monday, and students are required to turn them in on the following Monday, where they will get another packet, and the cycle continues throughout the year. The program's design is that they use Friday to complete this work. However, it is suggested that they look at the assignments closely through the week to receive help from the teacher if needed. Nothing is preventing students from completing the task early if they are ambitious and utilize good time management skills.

Turning in this work gives the student a grade and Friday’s attendance. One of the biggest complaints we receive as a school district is that the curriculum does not target real-world knowledge. The school, however, must follow state requirements regarding curriculum. The Back-to-Basics Friday work may fill in some of the gaps that the state standards miss in many people's beliefs.

If you have any questions, please contact the school.

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