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Certified Teaching Positions

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Support Positions

It is the policy of Soper School not to discriminate against any employee or any applicant for employment because of age, race, religion, color, handicap, sex, physical condition, developmental disability, sexual orientation or national origin.  This policy shall include, but not be limited to, the following:  recruitment and employment, promotion, demotion, transfer, compensation, selection for training including apprenticeship, layoff and termination.  Except with respect to sexual orientation, this company further agrees to take affirmative action to ensure equal employment opportunities.

Soper Public School has a teaching position open for the 2020-2021 school year. Some classes that the position includes are Biology I,

8th Grade Science, 9th Grade History, and some electives such as ACT Prep and a 7th grade elective. Job may also include assistant coaching for High School Girls and Boys basketball and High school baseball. If interested please email your resume along with copy of your teaching certificate and your transcript to or

contact the school at 580-345-2757.